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Gecko Gold Massage Gel
Gecko Gold Massage Gel
Our Price: $65.95

A luxurious blend of Carrier oils thickened in part by Bee's wax in a clean light formulation. If Gecko Gold Massage Gel is placed in a glass of warm water, it completely emulsifies turning the water cloudy, others do not. This makes a huge difference when trying to keep the laundry free of stains or having your patient feel fresh after a massage and even having the product wash off your hands. This gel is very therapist friendly and on patients that are hairy or have dry skin it moisturizes and leaves your patients feeling clean. Essential Oils absolutely love this perfect medium. more info
Sacred Earth Organic Massage Gel **NEW**
Sacred Earth Organic Massage Gel **NEW**
Our Price: $17.55

Get the best of both worlds with this USDA certified organic massage gel. It has the glide and purity of an oil with the grip and control of a cream. With no preservatives and only certified organic ingredients, the Organic Massage Gel is the purest choice for you, your clients and the earth.

A little goes a long way!
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