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Essential Oil - Clary Sage 5ml
Essential Oil - Clary Sage 5ml

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Clary Sage is an herb. Its flowering tops are steam distilled to produce a colourless essential oil. Some of its countries of origin include Hungary, Spain, Italy, and France. The main chemical constituents of Clary Sage essential oil are linalyl acetate sclareol, linalol, salvene and salvone.

Clary Sage essential oil is a powerful muscle relaxant and is especially useful where muscle tension arises from mental or emotional stress.

When used in skin care, Clary Sage essential oil may help to regenerate aged skin by improving cell regeneration. It is very soothing on inflamed skin, and on oily skin and hair it can help to regulate seborrhea. It is also known as a scalp stimulant and may assist with hair growth.

Clary Sage essential oil is known as an anti-depressant essential oil. As well as being extremely calming it may help with anxiety, emotional tension, depression as well as post natal depression. It has been said that those using Clary Sage will experience dramatic and colorful dreams. It should be noted, as well, that this oil should not be used in conjunction with alcohol, as this combination can give rise to very severe nightmares!

Clary Sage essential oil's antispasmodic properties make it an excellent choice for menstrual cramping. It contains a hormone-like compound similar to estrogen, so it can be used to help regulate hormones.

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